Journalists good, politicians bad.

Yesterday Britain was rocked with the news that our politicians, with all the honesty and integrity they have shown in the past, have shockingly agreed to make extra money on the side for their services!

More and more reports of politicians making money on the side have surfaced. The most recent being an incident that involves Tim Cabbage, a prominent conservative MP, who has been secretly recorded ‘offering blowies’ behind Westminster for a tenner. When asked to comment on the scandal he replied “I normally don’t offer them for that price, and I’ve done nothing illegal as no one accepts blowies from old men anymore, it’s a dying trade”.

Slim shady highest level on shady scale.

Slim shady highest level on shady scale.

You can catch this story on your radio, newspapers, special investigative shows on Channel 4, in sky writing, on your Facebook, Twitter, in the eyes of your enemies and burned into your own retinas.  Journalists have raised a cheer of joy across Britain “for once we aren’t the arses involved in some shady business”. We at Disgruntled News agree, tricking politicians and secretly filming them is in no way shady, not a single bit shady in the shade scale.

-Disgruntled News – the inbred news!


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