Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen U.S’ will be cancelled!

It has emerged that last night while filming, Gordon Ramsay couldn’t take it anymore and slaughtered the restaurant owners with the new menus he had created.

Gordon was filming his 78th series of Hell’s Kitchen USA, when according to our sources, he had had enough of telling a bunch of strangers how much of a “fucking stupid bunch of fuckers” they were.

“After that,” said our source. “He picked up their fancy new menus with all the fancy foods you never imagine eating, or liking and fashioned it into a spear and stabbed them all to death. None of them made a move to defend themselves or move out the way because they thought it was all part of the show.”

This has come as a shock to many as the public all agreed that Gordon looked like a man who had constructed his face out of bits of meat all tied together with string and that he was a massive prick, but definitely not a killer.

Richard Head a local watcher of the TV, ground down to the real issue when he commented: “The real tragedy is they won’t air that episode and it will probably never find its way onto Youtube. I think that would have really boosted ratings. Why don’t they make Gordon do the show forever, for nothing as punishment? And the fun of the show will be whether or not Gordon Ramsay will kill the owners or make their restaurant a success.”

We can confirm that Channel 4 are considering changing the format of the show.

Disgruntled News – vomiting the news onto the internet

Taken from:  http://www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/entertainment-articles/hotel-hell-gordon-ramsays-reality-show/

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