NEWSFLASH: Google vs. Facebook


Today, Facebook and Google have officially declared war on one another. Tensions between the world-owning social media site and the world-owning search engine began erupting after Google was forced by the court to take down irrelevant, outdated information.

Things spiralled rapidly from there as Facebook has been deemed wholly irrelevant and outdated since people remembered there was an outside. “I’m not sure what to make of it, I tried searching Facebook up on Google and the screen went blank and displayed ‘FUCK YOU’ accompanied by the sound of screaming,” commented one local women. “I prefer Google so I’m fighting for them, I would literally die for that search engine and so will my children’s, children.”

Later we came across Facebook supporters who were busily setting up an outpost and then posting selfies of themselves with the outpost in the background: “Well if you’re interested in what we are doing then friend us on Facebook. We leave a status every day, although we have some really loyal Facebookians who never stop posting statuses, you can read every boring thought or opinion they’ve ever had or will have. If we didn’t have Facebook we would have no one to talk at, no places to affirm our lives, nowhere to post all the pictures of our food or holidays. Can you imagine a world where people wouldn’t know what I ate that day? It’s barbaric.”

Where the war will actually take place has yet to be decided, but if the Google vs. Facebook forums are anything to go by, we can assure our readers that most of them are fags or noObs and everyone is laughing out loud.

-Disgruntled News


The wicked picture was taken from: A nod of approval is in the post.


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